Custom made fire extinguisher holder

Another weird and wonderful commission for Rosslyn Chapel. The chapel wanted a fire extinguisher holder, that doubled up as a table and was more in keeping with the surroundings than the off the shelf aluminium stands. It had to be free standing and with space at a premium, it needed to have two functions.  

This was a challenging table to design, it had to be keeping with the chapel but be used for a contemporary function. We took inspiration from the Victorian details within the chapel.  The table mirrors forms found within the Victorian Oak panelled doors opposite where the table sits. 

To tie the table into its environment the Oak needed to be coloured. We opted to fume the Oak. This is a process where Oak is exposed to ammonia. The ammonia reacts with the natural tannin's within the timber and turns it a darker colour. It is a much better option than staining because it actually penetrates into the timber and gives it an even finish.      

custom table

Fitted Bookcase

The customer really wanted to make use of the awkward space underneath their staircase. They wanted something simple in style which would tie in with the pine stair and floor.

The solution was to custom make a storage unit to fit snugly between the treads. It is made from Birch Ply lipped with Scottish grown Sycamore. The bookcase is finished off with a tongue and groove back in Southern Yellow Pine. Which gives added strength to the cabinet and compliments the staircase and floor. 

fitted bookcase

Disabled access ramp for Rosslyn Chapel

We took a visit to see the lovely people at Rosslyn Chapel recently and saw the ramp we completed almost a year ago. It is by far the strangest thing we have ever had the pleasure of making.

It is a disabled access ramp for Rosslyn Chapel. With its metal substructure and tiny panelling it was ridiculously complicated to make. It is made from Oak and stained to match the rest of the chapel. 

Ambitious feature light

This chandelier is made using the individual staves from broken down whisky barrels suspended from a metal frame.This was part of a major refurbishment of the Scotch Whisky Experience conference suite.

This interdisciplinary project was made in collaboration with Bright 3d, Mike Stone Lighting and Nich Smith Design. We were required to work closely with all parties involved in the design and manufacturing process. A fantastic project to be involved with.

See more photos of this project.

Images by Kimberly Brand

Edinburgh Elm Project

Jo was commissioned to make this mid-century modern inspired coffee table, using Elm from The Meadows in Edinburgh.

The client was born and raised in Edinburgh and they were keen to be part of the Edinburgh Elm Project. This project, headed by The SFMA, aims to make use of trees that have succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. These trees have to be felled to prevent them falling down due to high winds. Under normal circumstances the timber would be burnt or sent to landfill, through this project these amazing Elm trees have been given a new lease of life. The disease only affects the outer part of the tree and the timber can still be used to make furniture.

This Elm is from a tree that stood in the Meadows for over a hundred years and is now living on in the form of a simply beautiful coffee table.