Custom made fire extinguisher holder

Another weird and wonderful commission for Rosslyn Chapel. The chapel wanted a fire extinguisher holder, that doubled up as a table and was more in keeping with the surroundings than the off the shelf aluminium stands. It had to be free standing and with space at a premium, it needed to have two functions.  

This was a challenging table to design, it had to be keeping with the chapel but be used for a contemporary function. We took inspiration from the Victorian details within the chapel.  The table mirrors forms found within the Victorian Oak panelled doors opposite where the table sits. 

To tie the table into its environment the Oak needed to be coloured. We opted to fume the Oak. This is a process where Oak is exposed to ammonia. The ammonia reacts with the natural tannin's within the timber and turns it a darker colour. It is a much better option than staining because it actually penetrates into the timber and gives it an even finish.      

custom table