Each piece is completely individual and finished to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

custom made 

We can help realise that dream piece of furniture you have always wanted. We design, manufacture and deliver straight to your door. Hassle free. 

Fitted furniture

Fitted furniture is a great way to get the most out of your home. We can design, manufacture and install custom made fitted furniture.  


We have worked on a number of projects for commercial clients. Ranging in size and complexity. Get in touch to find out more. 

Fitted birch ply desk with matching shelf.


The client wanted to turn their small box room into an office with enough working space for two people. To maximise space we custom made a simple and streamlined desk to fit perfectly against the walls. The shelf above adds some much needed storage, making the most out of this small space.


Images by Kimberly Brand

The brief was to create a collection of outdoor A-boards and indoor sign holders that could be used around the gardens as necessary.


The outdoor signs had to be weather proof and the posters still had to be easily changeable.  The indoor signs were to be simple and understated.

The client was keen to use timber that was in keeping with the gardens ethos so we used air dried native Oak, from a local sawmill, for the outdoor stands.  We used European timber from sustainable sources for the indoor stands. 


Images by Kimberly Brand

Two Scottish Oak Dining Tables.


The Botanic Cottage was completed in 1763 on the original site of the Botanic Gardens on Leith Walk. This historic building was saved from destruction and carefully rebuilt in the new Botanic Gardens to provide a unique education and community hub.

The brief was to custom make a dinging table to sit around the awkwardly placed pillars. It needed to be able to be used for a variety of uses. We opted to keep it simple and make two classic trestle style dining tables. 

We used native oak from sustainable sources to fit with the ethos of the garden.  

Botanic Cottage Detail
Botanic Cottage

Spanning three metres wide and four metres in length this project was a massive undertaking.


This interdisciplinary project was made in close collaboration with Bright 3D and Nich Smith Lighting Designs. We manufactured and installed the wooden components of this fabulous chandelier. Made using over 200 whisky barrel staves and suspended from a metal frame. The staves have fully colour changing LED’s discreetly fixed into them. This additional light highlights the texture and patina of the whisky barrels. This was part of a major refurbishment of the Scotch Whisky Experience conference suite in Edinburgh. 


Images by Kimberly Brand

Made in collaboration with design studio Bright 3D to promote Harris Distillery’s new gin.


The brief was to create a trade stand that could be easily broken down and installed at different locations. The result was a display made using re-purposed apple crates and custom made serving and storage units. It was designed to be a modular unit that can be easily assembled in many different locations and configurations in the future. The success of the stand can be seen with sales exceeding exceptions at its debut.


A mid-century modern inspired coffee table using elm from the Meadows in Edinburgh. 


The client was born and raised in Edinburgh and they were keen to be part of the Edinburgh Elm Project. This project, headed by The SFMA, aims to make use of trees that have succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. These trees have to be felled to prevent them falling down due to high winds. Under normal circumstances the timber would be burnt or sent to landfill, through this project these amazing Elm trees have been given a new lease of life. The disease only affects the outer part of the tree and the timber can still be used to make furniture.

This Elm is from a tree that stood in the Meadows for over a hundred years and is now living on in the form of a simply beautiful coffee table.


We custom made the display for the John Chamberlain exhibition in Inverleith House.


The pieces were of varying sizes ranging from extremely small to very large. Each object needed a plinth of a different size. It was a delight to be part of such a beautiful exhibition. 


 Images by Michael Wolchover